About Jina Rose & Mike Doctor

Mike Doctor is a truly innovative and thrilling artist, not only as guitarist but also as a very original songwriter and composer.

As a part of the Musical Hair Ensemble, he performed with Donna Summer in the Wiener Stadthalle for several months.

After a few years of touring with Musical Hair, he made a remarkable europe-wide career with various bands.

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Jina Rose is a talented young singer from Zürich, Switzerland. Growing up in a family of musicians, her passion for music and especially singing started blooming at an early age.

In high school, she additionally had a few years of classical vocal training, was part of many concerts and founded the acapella group 'Jilexody' which was selected for the Zürich Acapella Night 2017.

With her expressive voice and her extraordinary stage presence Jina Rose is a very exciting new discovery!

Jina Rose & Mike Doctor stand out with their original Soul/Pop-Songs with elements of jazz, latino, rock and funk: rhythms that won't let you sit still, melodies that dare to dream - a very special interplay of vocals and guitar.

A skillful mix of simplicity and complexity: Mike Doctor, who came up with the term, describes their style as Sophisticated Pop.

In 2014 they started giving concerts in this formation, and as of 2016, their collaboration intensified.

Since then, Jina Rose & Mike Doctor have developed a colorful repertoire of original songs, and performed many times in Switzerland and abroad (mostly Prague and Spain).

This dynamic duo performs with power and emotion, and resonates with all kinds of audiences - whether inland or on an international level.

In 2019 their Debut EP „Beyond Safety“ was released, which they recorded with renowned guest musicians in Prague.

Mike Doctor's open string tuning create wondrous harmonies, and combined with Jina Rose's heartfelt lyrics the songs on „Beyond Safety“ spark courage to venture into the unknown and to choose your own path.