About Jina Rose & Mike Doctor

Jina Rose is a talented young singer. While growing up in a family of musicians, her passion for music started blooming at an early age.

For several years she's been writing original songs and performing on stage. In high school, she founded the acapella group 'Jilexody' which was selected for the Zürich Acapella Night 2017.

With her expressive voice and her extraordinary stage presence, Jina Rose is an exciting new discovery.

Mike Doctor is a truly innovative and thrilling artist, an incredible guitarist and songwriter.

After a remarkable europe-wide career with various bands and his engagement in Musical Hair with Donna Summer, this duo found its beginning.

Jina Rose & Mike Doctor stand out with their original Soul/Pop Songs with Jazz elements: rhythms that won't let you sit still, melodies that dare to dream - a magical interplay.

This dynamic duo performs with power and emotion, and resonates with people - whether inland or on an international level.

This year Jina Rose & Mike Doctor travelled to Prague where they recorded their Debut EP with renowned guest musicians. End of October 2019 the digital relase of the EP will follow. Stay tuned!