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   Jina Rose & Mike Doctor

JINA ROSE was only 11 years old when ROSE & DOCTOR recorded their first songs together in Mike's music studio. Over the years she's developed her own style of singing.


She writes lyrics - mostly in English -  about topics such as women's and LGBTQIA-rights or the climate crisis. Jina Rose pours her emotions into every song – sometimes her voice is full of love, other times full of anger.


With her vocal range, technical confidence and her extraordinary stage presence Jina Rose is a very promising young singer from Zürich.

Jina Rose singer Portrait
Mike Doctor guitarist Portrait

MIKE DOCTOR feels at home in many places in the world, as well as in many music genres. He's been playing the guitar (acoustic and electric) his whole life.


After being part of the German "Musical Hair" tour (with Donna Summer) he made an impressive europe-wide career with several rock and fusion bands (including The Matadors, Goblet), touring the Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, Germany and Switzerland.


Mike Doctor is an experienced, skillful
and innovative songwriter and composer who knows how to combine simplicity and complexity.

Since 2017 Jina Rose and Mike Doctor's collaboration intensified and they gave many concerts as a duo, on several occasions playing with renowned Swiss jazz musicians. After the release of their debut EP Beyond Safety which ROSE & DOCTOR recorded in 2018 in one of the most renowned studios in Prague, they had several performances and interviews in Prague as well as an interview on Swiss Radio Lora.


In December 2022 they released the first of a series of new Soul-Punk songs: Crocodile Tears was played on radios all over Europe as well as in Australia and the USA. Joined by a new drummer and bassist they recorded a live session which premiered on Swiss radios as ROSE & DOCTOR were featured with an interview on DJ Leo's Indieblock in May 2023.


Their path has led them to playing what they call "Soul-Punk", as they love to combine the groove of funk and soul with the raw energy of punk-rock. They're inspired by all the music they know and love – and then they find their own way.


"We never want to stop discovering new things. That's what real music is about."

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